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Brief bridge crane inspection and maintenance

 Repair leak protection
Bridge crane trolley gear due to the effects of vibration, abrasion, pressure, temperature and other factors, each combination of surface static sealing parts often appear leakage. Traditional treatment methods to be demolished reducer, replace gaskets or sealant applied, but time-consuming and difficult to ensure the sealing effect, there will be leakage in operation again. Contemporary Western Countries Multi-site management using polymer composite materials leak, the most widely used world blessed blue series. Polymer Materials fix to avoid demolition, and the material has superior adhesion, oil resistance and 350% elongation, good to overcome the effects of vibration caused by the gear, repair effect is more effective than traditional methods.
Wear Governance
Active bridge crane wheels and carts running gear frequently, repeatedly stop and reverse parking will cause the torque of each axis reducer, vibration increases, could easily lead to leakage. After such a problem occurs, more traditional methods to brush after welding or machining repair the main, but there are some drawbacks both: the thermal stress generated by welding high temperature can not be completely eliminated, prone to bending or breaking; and brush plated by coating thickness restrictions, easy to peel off, and the above two methods are used metal repair metal, you can not change the "hard-on-hard" with the relationship, under the combined effect of the various forces, still cause wear again. The latest maintenance methods mostly based polymer composites, and the application of more Yumi Wah technology product with superior adhesion, excellent strength and other comprehensive performance. Application of polymer materials to repair, neither welding thermal stress on the repair thickness is not limited, while products with metal materials do not have the concession, it can absorb the impact of the shock device, to avoid the possibility of re-wear and greatly extended equipment component life, save a lot of downtime, creating significant economic value.
1, bridge cranes Appearance: comprehensive clean appearance, so that no dust, no yellow robe. Check for cracks, open welding.
2, carts, trolley: ① Check and tighten shaft seat, gearbox, coupling and shaft key is loose; ② Check and adjust the brake wheel clearance so that uniform, sensitive and reliable.
3, check the bridge crane reducer mainly to see whether the oil spill. Cabinets abnormal sound operation, it is necessary to open the lid to check. Usually bearing damage or gear backlash is too large, severe tooth wear and other reasons.
4, lifting winch: ① Check wire rope, hook, pulley is safe and reliable, wear exceeds a predetermined value and should be replaced. ② Check and adjust the brakes, make it safe, sensitive and reliable.
5, bridge crane rope inspection. Check broken wire rope should focus on observation, abrasion, kinks, rust, etc., to some wear, broken wires more serious position but not excessive, do the mark to focus on tracking the re-examination. Pay attention to check the safety wire rope reel stopper is valid, the rope is pressed on the platen roll and plate number is appropriate.
6. Lubrication: Check oil all parts of the oil, as required to join or replace oil.
7. Check for overhead crane pulley. Focus on bottom wear amount is excessive and whether there is a crack cast iron pulleys. For the balance wheel pulley mechanism stoop Yang, because it does not operate normal circumstances, it is easily overlooked. So, be sure to check before installing the flexibility of its rotation, otherwise, the installation length of rope around Jan stoop and pull the balance wheel can not be automatically adjusted, so that an increase in altitude adjustment overlooking Young rope difficulty and risk level jobs.
8. Electrical: ① Check the limit switch is sensitive and reliable; ③ check the electrical box in the electrical action is sensitive and reliable; ③ Check motor, bells, lead is safe and reliable; ④ check signal is good.
9, check for loose coupling each bridge crane or even "scroll keys." Focused on checking the flexible pin coupling elastic rubber ring any abnormal wear of tooth coupling paying particular attention to its ring gear wear. Due to installation accuracy, between two shafts at larger offsets, the performance of the entire ring in a short time will soon be bald. In any of those cases, prone to serious accidents in the lifting mechanism.

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