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A brief analysis of the development of domestic lifting equipment industry

According to China National Standard GB / T20776-2006 "Lifting Classification" Lifting their functions and structural features into small light lifting equipment, cranes, hoists, working platforms, mechanical parking equipment five categories. Use classification by industry, cranes can be divided into mining cranes, port machinery, cranes special ships, offshore wind power cranes, marine cranes, deck cranes and so on. China is a manufacturer of lifting equipment manufacturing country and the use of power, with the acceleration of China's industrialization process, lifting equipment market will have a huge space for development.
(1) domestic lifting equipment industry in the accelerated development stage
Our lifting equipment industry from the beginning of the 20th century, the establishment of the fifties and sixties, before the 1980s, China's lifting equipment manufacturers have been in imitation of foreign technology combined with simple conditions improved stage, not have their own core technology. This stage belongs to the import of the product.
After 20 years of imitation manufactured after entering the 1980s, China began to focus on the introduction and digestion of foreign technology, lifting products and key components of the localization of the mainstream of technological development.
At present, China's lifting equipment industry is in stage of accelerated development, innovation development, and manufacturing method of development of the industry started to become mainstream, manufacturers and then gradually mastered the core technology, application of modern computer-aided design and analysis, independent research and development and innovation, start create a working environment for different market needs. At this stage, customers on product quality and service have become increasingly demanding, industry has entered a period of survival of the fittest to accelerate the integration, concentration tends to increase, there are R & D capabilities, manufacturing capacity and have excellent brand of high-quality companies will get more large space for development.
(2) high-lifting equipment market is mainly occupied by multinational companies
Currently in the domestic market of lifting equipment more brands, many international brands Liebherr (Liebherr), Manitowoc (Manitowoc), Terex (Terex), Coney (Konecranes), etc. have landed China. Since multinational corporations in technology, capital, quality of products have certain advantages, lifting and transport equipment manufacturing industry, the high-end market is mainly occupied by its.
(3) Lifting equipment low-end market competition, price competition has become the primary means of market competition
Over the past 20 years, China's rapid economic development, increasing investment in fixed assets, making lifting equipment market in a state of long-term supply and booming. Overall, the past 20 years, China's lifting equipment market in the early stages of development, users of lifting equipment for the job in high demand but low level of technical requirements, product price becomes the user to select lifting equipment primary consideration.
At the same time, lifting equipment end market low barriers to entry, market participants too much, poor product quality, service is relatively weak, price competition has become the main form of market competition, the low-end market overall in disorderly competition.
Rapid rise (4) lifting equipment market in the end
Lifting equipment belongs to improve handling efficiency, reduce labor intensity of products, with the Chinese economy, after years of development, domestic enterprises have a certain accumulation of capital, along with rising labor costs, the demand for lifting equipment continued to increase. Meanwhile, with further deepen and accelerate the industrialization process of industrial upgrading, lifting equipment requirements to high-quality, high stability and perfect service product transfer, the price is no longer a decisive factor, the mid-market is rapidly rising.
Although broad space for development, but the domestic lifting equipment, lack of mid-market leading brands. Some companies selling large, low price, product quality, R & D capabilities and service capabilities to be improved; some companies to provide high-quality products, but less able to organize large-scale production, product modularity and cost control, higher product costs. Strategic positioning portion dropping multinationals and Chinese companies to enhance the long time required in order to better meet the needs of mid-market customers, leading mid-market brand development takes time.

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