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Teach you practical crane parts repair method

 (1) Remove the check hooks, axes, beams, pulleys, bearings and clean lubrication, hook, beams, pulleys, shafts, not allowed to have cracks, the threaded portion should be loose, bearing intact, turn the pulley, thread undercut at There are marks or cracks should be replaced;
(2) Check the wear condition dangerous section, dangerous section wear more than 10 percent of its original height should be replaced;
(3) hook test, overhaul, test and inspect the hook should be done to 1.25 times the rated load is suspended for 10 minutes, the elastic hook mouth open mouth hook size should not exceed 0.25%, there should be no permanent deformation after unloading and crack; (4) plate hook overhaul, the rear plate riveted hook gap board and the board should not be greater than 0.3mm.
2, Crane parts of the wire rope maintenance
(1) broken wire check: a twist in the number of broken wires from more than 10% of the total steel scrap should be standard; (2) the amount of radial wear: steel radial wear exceeds 40% of the original diameter of the entire wire rope should be scrapped ; (3) Modification examination: Rope diameter rope diameter narrowing amount to 70% of the kink, the cord at the dew off shares should get a new steel scrap; (4) wire rope lubrication: first with a wire brush before lubricating, kerosene and other cleaning with wire rope of cannabis resin (Q / SY1152-65) or calcium-based lubricating synthetic graphite (SYA1405-65) dipping saturation appropriate.
3, Crane parts of the pulley block repairs
(1) washable overhaul pulley block, check crack, pulley shaft without cracks, the journal may not wear 30% of the original diameter of the cone of not more than 5 percent, more than this value should be replaced;
(2) maintenance pulley groove, with model checking pulley groove, radial wear should not exceed 30% of the wall thickness, or should be scrapped. Not exceed the standards may Buxiu, overhauled with model checking, the bottom and the backlash should not be greater than 0.5mm, and the pulley wheel center line of the groove center line deviation should not exceed 0.2mm, the center of the rope groove end face contour deviation should not exceed 1mm;
(3) Check the shaft holes, after the overhaul, the shaft hole to allow no more than 0.25CM2 defects, the depth should not exceed 4mm;
(4) assembly, after assembly, should be able to hand flexible rotation, lateral swing should not exceed D / 1000. D- nominal diameter pulleys.
4, Crane parts of the reel repair
(1) roll rope groove, rope groove wear than 2mm should be re-car system, overhauled rope grooves should meet requirements of the drawings, but the drum wall thickness of not less than 81% of the original thickness;
(2) the surface of the roll, the roll surface should not have cracks, there should be a significant loss of roundness, plate screw should not be loose;
(3) the spool shaft, the spool shaft without cracks, should reach the drawings after overhaul, wear more than 5% of the nominal diameter, should be replaced with new parts;
(4) assembly and installation, small frame and spool shaft centerline parallel to the supporting surface, the deviation not large 1mm / m, after the installation of two reel shaft centerline deviation should not be greater than 0.15mm.
5, Crane parts of the Wheel repair
(1) wheel tread wear, wheel tread wear of more than 15% of the original thickness should be replaced with new parts, no more than this value, it can be re-machined, heat repair. Wheel diameter should be within the tolerance range, surface hardening hardness HB300 ~ 500, for hardening the layer thickness is greater than Φ400mm wheel diameter should be greater than 20mm; less than Φ400mm, hardening thickness not less than 15mm;
(2) two matched wheel diameter deviation, active wheel diameter deviation should not exceed 0.1% of the nominal diameter of the driven wheel should not exceed 0.2%, electric hoist wheel diameter deviation should not exceed 1% of the nominal diameter, from dynamic wheel should not exceed 0.2%; electric hoist wheel diameter deviation should not exceed 1% of the nominal diameter;
(3) rim wear and breakage, deformation: rim wear volume of the original thickness of 50% or broken area of more than 30mm2 should be scrapped, bending the rim thickness up to 20% of its original thickness should be scrapped;
(4) Wheel crack: a crack is found should be scrapped wheel;
(5) tread ellipticity: the wheel tread ovality of 1mm should be scrapped;
(6) The wheel set assembly: installed wheel assembly, experts should be flexible rotation, mounted on the same balance wheel a few shelves in the same vertical plane, tolerance is 1mm.
6, Crane parts of the vehicle axle and bearing maintenance
(1) Maintenance journal: journal of the oval after the overhaul, the cone of not greater than 0.03mm;
(2) repair cracks: with magnetic or ultrasonic flaw detector inspection shafts, shaft without cracks, scratches depth of not more than 0.03mm;
(3) Rolling overhaul: 0.03 cone allows axial gap between 0.18mm wide roller bearing inner and outer rings. Bearing gland adjustment within the range of the gap should be 0.5 ~ 1.5mm of it.

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