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Why high crane accident? How to reduce?

Crane according to the state is one of eight categories of special equipment. Whether the apparatus body or the use of links, from a security point of view requirements, which, compared to the rest of some special equipment, the risk is not large. But in recent years, according to statistics of the State Administration of Quality Supervision accident figures, accident rates crane accidents resulting in casualties and the absolute figure has topped the list of eight categories of special equipment. 2009, AQSIQ 已把 crane safety as the focus of the Year "three action", we hope to achieve the objective of reducing remediation crane accidents.
Why crane accident rate will remain high? Through years of experience in crane safety inspection work analysis, mainly in the following areas.
Complex causes of the accident rate remains high
Standards lag. Revised standards lag leads to innovative design-conscious crane desalination. According to China crane design it is "crane design specifications" GB3811-1983, design safety requirements are the "crane safety regulations" GB6067-1986. These two common technical specifications standards issued in the 1980s, as was the crane standard management played a decisive role. But with the crane and put into mass production, and improved use of new materials and other production processes are now, lead to standards can not be applied in some cases. "Crane safety regulations" is the main theoretical basis of the crane inspection regulations, 2009 edition of the new inspection regulations have been introduced, and introduced with effect from April 1, and its theoretical basis, "Crane Safety Regulations" revision to now yet introduced. Once the new inspection regulations and the new safety regulations have greater access, inspection agency of the cranes will feel at a loss.
Design Prospective inadequate. Some crane manufacturers in new product development and design, the presence of the various conditions of load cases the force components considered insufficient phenomenon. Lift mechanism from the braking system reliability is key to the performance of the crane safety factors, crane accidents occur mostly during use and lifting bodies. Lifting mechanism is basically electromagnet electromechanical brake, operating reliability is a key control solenoid coil, and the design of the crane electrical control system is the presence of 20 years has been the weak link.
Manufacturing process backward. Presence of crane standards and European standards are some differences, resulting in the crane is difficult to form joint ventures in our climate. Some small and medium-tech crane equipment itself has yet to be improved. In addition, since the market for competitive reasons, the profit is also very limited production enterprises, to invest in new product development will be limited.
Installation quality control is lax. Crane installation and acceptance has been implementing a final completion and acceptance testing, quality control of the entire installation process is entirely dependent on the quality and technical level of workers. Installation of process equipment is actually a continuation of the manufacturing process, its on-site operating conditions in the manufacturing sector is more inferior. Manufacturing and construction specifications for process cranes construction process control and no clear standards and requirements, in large part led to the low level of construction and installation sectors, particularly insufficient to bring some illegal operation and construction technology concealment and structure defects to the accident potential problems occur. From April 1 implemented a new inspection regulations, revised final acceptance test the crane for the entire installation process, supervision and inspection for the future quality of the installation of the crane to provide a strong guarantee.
Use management in place. Accidents occurred using the link is the focus of the entire crane accidents, and manage the use of the unit is not in place is one of the main reasons. Management here refers mainly to manage people and equipment. With the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, it is difficult to ensure that each crane are performed by qualified personnel to operate. In addition, special equipment safety awareness weak private owners also affect the important reasons crane accidents. On the other hand, facilities management, including planned routine inspections and equipment repair, routine inspection equipment mainly to check for safety performance, and often the most easily overlooked. However, some companies even plan annual repair the crane nor arrangements. In addition to illegal operations mainly due to the occurrence of accidents in the course is a crane.
There are other reasons accidents occur cranes, environment, load classification, illegal or super qualified production cranes are likely cause of the accident.

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