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Guangdong Huarui Crane issued a proposal to support Henan flood fighting and disaster relief, and employees generously donated their money

Recently, heavy rains fell overnight in some areas of Henan Province, and floods were severe. This once-in-a-hundred-year flood caused huge damage to the lives and property of the local people. In order to enable the affected people to resume production and rebuild their homes as soon as possible, Guangdong Huarui Crane The limited company should keep watch and help with the disaster-stricken compatriots to tide over the difficulties together.

Floods are ruthless, and people are compassionate, and there is great love in the face of a catastrophe. Let us promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of "support from all sides in distress from all sides", and send our love to the compatriots in the disaster-stricken areas, regardless of ability, no matter how much we donate, we are kind Regardless of the order, it is the friendship and love of our compatriots. We donate all the donations to the Red Cross Society of the People's Government of Huixian County, Henan Province.

No matter how big or small the love is, there is no particular order of kindness! A trickle can flow into the vast sea, and a little bit of love can converge into a torrent of love. Guangdong Huarui people build a dam of love with a share of love. I believe that this charity will surely converge into a warm stream of love. Flow into the hearts of the people in the disaster area and bring them the courage and strength to rebuild their homes! Come on Henan, and hope that the disaster-stricken area will get out of the predicament as soon as possible!

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