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LD Electric Single Girder Overhead Crane
LD electric single girder overhead crane
1. Product Overview
(1), LD electric single girder overhead crane with a reasonable result, the whole steel and strong features.
(2), machine type and CD, MD electric hoist supporting the use of a small light lifting machinery.
(3), which from the weight of 1t-20t, span 7.5-28.5m, working-level for the A3-A4, the working environment temperature -25-40 ℃.
(4) The products are widely used in various occasions lifting goods factories, warehouses, material, etc., is prohibited in flammable, explosive, corrosive media environments.
(5), this product has a ground control room and two operating forms, control room there are open and closed two, can be divided into left and right equipment installed in two forms according to the actual situation.
2. Product sketch

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