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  Dongguan Huarui Crane Co., Ltd. is a Leading manufacturer which is specialized in all kinds of cranes production, it has took our business occupied in Dongguan and Zhujiang River Delta for 20 years. The Company takes the advanced crane technology from Taiwan, Japanese and European , and has gotten closely cooperation relationship with Taiwan Black Bear, Japanese Kito, and European Kone Crane. "Huarui Crane" mainly business in manufacturing and sales of Overhead Crane,Gantry Crane, Jib Crane,LDA Type Electric Single-Beam Crane, LH Type Hoist Double-Beam Crane, QD Type Double-Beam Bridge Crane, Electric Hoist,Load Chain, wire rope, and so on. The Company is a member of China Crane Association, owns high-quality assurance system, scientific management system, strict test means. The Company has kept steady developing state in recent years, and products are well widely sold in the nation and abroad.
  To cater to the market demand, ‘Huarui Crane“ continuously improve innovation, absorbs and digests the advanced processes of the domestic and foreign crane industries, manufactures different kinds of crane products that have fine quality and reasonable prices, serves the large industry in China and enters domestic and overseas market.
  "Reputation First, Customer Supreme"is our holy tenet, “Customer’s satisfaction” is the goal we pursue. “High-quality, Cheap Price, First-Class Service” is our operation policies.

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