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Since its establishment of Dongguan Huarui Crane Co., Ltd., with continuous improvement of the manufacturing process in recent years, the product quality and appearance have been improved greatly. The crane products manufactured by the Company presently have become the high-quality products in the counterparts in Guangdong Province, and have obtained recognition from the clients and vast business managers.
1. The steel plates used for production of the Company are manufactured by such factories as Guangdong Shaoguan Iron and Steel Group, Liuzhou Steel Group, Baosteel Group and so on. In addition, the advanced decoiling process for the coiled material, the original defect that there is joint at the main web of the crane, and material is charged and plate is cut based on the parameters of the crane. There is no welding seam joint at the main web of each product. The quality, process and appearance are improved by a step.

2. After being charged, the plate is directly cut at CNC digital-control automatic cutting platform, such data as the arch camber of the crane itself and so on is input the CNC digital-control automatic cutting machine, such parameters as the arch camber and so on is formed once, the error scope is greatly reduced, and the precision is improved.

3. To avoid the large parameter error caused by deformation of the main beam during hoisting and overturn, all of materials is charged at the CNC digital-control automatic cutting machine and then will be assembled at the assembly platform. All of cover plates and webs can be lifted away only if after the main beam is formed. The Company uses angle iron for the reinforced plate of the crane web (the other manufacturers in this industry uses flat iron for reinforcement). The wave degree of the web deformation during welding of the reinforced plate is reduced to be minimum, and it greatly improves the quality and good appearance of the entire crane.

4. After all of cranes are assembled and formed at the assembly platform, the main welding seam will be automatically welded with the gantry welding machine. The welding seam quality is assured, and it also control the deformation degree of the two main beams (for double-beam crane) to be same.

5. The end beam and trolley are manufactured based on Taiwan type and European standard. Wit the integrated wheel and three-in-one motor, it can guarantee that the noise during the operation of the crane can be reduced to lowest decibel, and the service life is longer. Welding and assembly are entirely completed at the special-purpose die carrier platform. After completing assembly, trial run will be conducted for all of products under zero load.

6. For all of single-beam and double-beam cranes manufactured by the Company, after all of sub-structures are completed, such sub-structures will be assembled at the assembly platform. The assembly platform uses the infrared distance gauge for measurement purpose and assures the horizontal error of all of wheels of the crane to be within 2mm, and the span parameter error is within 1mm.

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