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When you cooperate with Huarui, you will have an understanding of Huarui's product quality and marketing model. We are committed to manufacturing efficient, reliable, safe and affordable lifting equipment. Our experts have enough experience to help you choose the right lifting equipment. You use the crane you need, from the initial technical requirements to production, delivery and installation, and we make it for you all the way to your specifications.

Our services include

☆All-weather service 24/7/365

☆Preventive maintenance


☆Spare parts sales

☆Product update

☆Repair and replacement

we promise

Huarui Crane is proud of its reputation for long-term service of its products. Our Commitment: Full Lifecycle Support. No matter how old the product is, we will never give up our responsibility for product service. Guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Convenient local service
Since we provide on-site service to all customer sites, we have a large professional service team. Each of our service representatives has received comprehensive and professional training.

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