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Company business philosophy

Quality assurance, quality-oriented, common development, honest management, to provide you with high-quality products and services at reasonable prices, and make the following commitments to the business manager company:

①Sales price: When the crane is equipped with the same configuration, it is guaranteed to be cost-effective compared with other companies in the same industry.

②Protection of customers: In terms of customers, "preconceptions" are used. For customers who sign contracts in the name of the company, the customer will always be contacted by the business manager in future operations, and provide all necessary assistance in future business. The personnel have concealed the order signed by the business manager contacting his customer. After investigation, the company will return 10 times the amount of the order to the business manager (this regulation has legal benefits).

③Financial management: The company's financial department has a special system for business managers, with the policy of facilitating timely invoicing and convenient withdrawal of funds for business managers. The business manager can receive the payment within 7 working days.

④Tendering entrustment: mainly in the company's filing and registration, in key projects and high-end customer bidding, free professional technical consultation, bidding document production, business negotiation and business card production, etc., the company can provide certain financial support under certain conditions.

⑤Inquiry registration: After the business manager inquires about the price, the company's quotation personnel will register the company name of the user.

The above are all true. I hope the business manager will supervise and inspect. If there is any inappropriateness, please criticize and give advice. All business managers are welcome to visit the company.

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