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Crane classification and application areas

 Working characteristics of the crane is intermittently movement, that in a work cycle Reclaimer, transport, unloading and other movements of the respective agencies are working alternately. Agencies often in starting, braking and reverse direction operation status. Crane by category can be divided into:
Bridge crane:
Because it is located on both ends of the stent tall concrete pillars or metal track beam, shaped like a bridge (overpass). Bridge crane (line hanging) is laid on both sides of the bridge along the elevated track longitudinal running, you can take full advantage of the space below the lifting bridge materials, unimpeded ground equipment. It is the most widely used, the largest number of a crane, the plant is also used most of a large-scale lifting heavy equipment. Overhead crane lay on both sides of the bridge along the elevated track longitudinal run, lifting the car along the track laid on the bridge sideways, forming a rectangle the scope of work, you can take full advantage of the space below the lifting bridge materials, not hampered by ground equipment. This crane is widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, docks and outdoor storage yard and other places. Bridge crane (line hanging) is a modern industrial production and lifting transport to achieve the production process of mechanization and automation of important tools and equipment. Therefore, in the indoor and outdoor overhead crane and mining enterprises, iron and steel industry, railways, ports and logistics flow and other departments and have been widely used places
Gantry cranes:
Gantry crane is a variant of the bridge crane. Mainly used for outdoor yard, yard goods, bulk cargo loading and unloading operations. Its metal structure shaped like a door frame, carrying the main beam install two feet down, you can walk directly to the track on the ground, both ends of the main beam may have overhanging cantilever. Gantry crane (gantry) has space utilization, large operating range, wide adaptation, versatility, etc., it is widely used in the port yard. Gantry crane that is as simple as the crane frame with legs. Classified hook gantry crane, grab gantry crane, electromagnetic gantry crane, grab gantry crane hook, grab electromagnetic gantry crane, with three gantry cranes. The main feature is the outdoor use more, or is the plant does not have to install overhead cranes, gantry crane for general use. Used for installation, handling, or shipbuilding, power station and so on.
Tower cranes:
Tower cranes (tower crane) referred to the tower crane, also known as tower crane, originated in Western Europe. According to records, the first item on construction of a tower machine patent issued in 1900. In 1905 there have been equipped with fixed jib tower crane in 1923 made a prototype of modern tower crane, the same year appeared the first relatively complete in modern tower. In 1930 when the German has begun mass production of the tower crane, and for building construction. In 1941, the German industrial standard DIN8770 tower crane related announcement. The standard specifies in lifting load (t) and amplitude (m), product (tm) together to re-torque expressed tower crane lifting capacity.
Boom mounted on the upper portion of the rotary tower crane towering. Work space, mainly used for vertical and horizontal housing construction in the delivery of materials and installation of building elements. Metal structure consists of three parts, work organization and electrical system. Metal structure including tower, boom and base and so on. Work institutions hoisting, luffing, slewing and walking four parts. Electrical system including motor, controller, power distribution equipment, connection lines, signal and lighting devices.
From the technical development of the tower crane, although the new product after another, new products in production efficiency, simple operation, easy maintenance and reliable operation aspect has improved, but there is no fundamental change in tower crane technology. Research tower crane is toward modular development. The so-called combined, is to structure the core of the tower, according to the structural and functional characteristics of the tower is divided into several parts, and based on the series and general requirements, follow the principle of modulus and then divide each section into a number of modules. According parameters required, choose the appropriate modules are composed of tower crane with different technical performance characteristics to meet the specific needs of the construction. Implementation of modular tower crane tower crane products help accelerate development progress, save product development costs, and better customer service.

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