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Dongguan hoisting "ten should not" refers to the things that are not allowed to be lifted when the following conditions are encountered during the operation of Dongguan cranes.

1. Do not hang the equipment when it is sick or under strong shaking load;

2. The steel wire rope is unqualified and cannot be hung, and the binding is not firm and cannot be hung;

3. Buried in the ground or solidified on the ground without any load;

4. The metal liquid bag is too full, and the center of gravity of the hanging object is too biased;

5. Do not slant and hang, and do not hang with acute angles and blade corners;

6. Stand on the object or do not hang the floating object;

7. Do not hang when overloaded;

8. The signal is dimly lit and cannot be seen clearly;

9, flammable, explosive, dangerous goods are not hanging;

10. Do not hang the equipment when it is sick or under strong shaking load;

When operating a crane in Dongguan and encounter the following eight situations, a warning should be issued in time.

1. When the load is close to the staff below during lifting;

2. When someone works or starts the safe passage;

3. When the load moves at a position not high on the ground;

4. When the lifting equipment fails;

5. When the Dongguan crane starts to send electricity;

6. When close to other Dongguan cranes on the same floor or another floor;

7. When lowering the load and lifting the load.

If you take these measures, you can avoid the occurrence of danger and ensure the safe and continuous operation of production.

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