4Crane knowledge

I have been engaged in lifting machinery for so many years, and I have come into contact with more and more products. For each of the signs and signs above, let's take a look at these FAQs and see what they mean.

1. Definition of Lifting Equipment

Lifting machinery such as electric chain hoist is widely used in the lifting, transportation, loading and unloading, installation and personnel transportation of various materials. It is an indispensable equipment for modern industrial production.

A crane is a mechanical device that lifts, lowers, or lifts and moves materials by means of lifting hooks or other spreaders in an intermittent and repetitive manner.

2. Main parameters of lifting machinery

Rated lifting weight Gn, span S, amplitude L, lifting height H, running speed V, lifting moment M, gauge k, base distance B, wheel pressure p, working level, etc.

3. Standard terms for lifting machinery construction

(1). Steel structure: main beam, end beam (beam), trolley frame, outrigger, lower beam, boom, balance arm, column, gantry, tie rod, tower body, platform and driver room etc.

(2). Transmission mechanism: hoisting mechanism, running mechanism, slewing mechanism, luffing mechanism and jacking mechanism, etc.

(3). Electrical system: handheld controller, master controller, conductive device, cable reel, resistance box, frequency converter and control cabinet, etc.

(4). Main components: cranes, grabs, lifting electromagnets, wire ropes, chains, pulleys, drums, brakes, wheels and rails, etc.

4. Electric chain hoist lifting machinery safety device

Lifting height limiter, running limit limiter, buffer, anchoring device, rail clamp or windproof iron shoe, safety junction, anti-backward device, lifting weight limiter, moment limiter and anti-collision device Wait.

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