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According to the Chinese national standard GB/T20776-2006 "Classification of Lifting Machinery", hoisting machinery is divided into light and small lifting equipment, cranes, and elevators according to their functions and structural characteristics. , work platform, mechanical parking equipment five categories. According to the classification of the use of the industry, cranes can be divided into industrial and mining cranes, port machinery, special ship cranes, offshore wind power cranes, offshore cranes, deck cranes, etc. China is a big country in the manufacture and use of hoisting equipment. With the acceleration of China's industrialization process, the hoisting equipment market will have a lot of room for development.

(1) The domestic lifting equipment industry is in a stage of accelerated development
my country's hoisting equipment industry has been established since the 1950s and 1960s. Before the 1980s, Chinese hoisting equipment manufacturers have been imitating and learning foreign technologies and making simple improvements based on national conditions, without their own core technologies. This phase belongs to the introduction phase of the product.

After more than 20 years of imitation manufacturing, after entering the 1980s, China began to focus on importing and digesting foreign technologies, and realizing the localization of hoisting machinery products and key components has become the mainstream of technological development.

At present, my country's hoisting equipment industry is in a stage of accelerated development, and independent innovation, R&D and manufacturing have become the mainstream of industry development. After manufacturers gradually master the core technology, they apply modern computer-aided design and analysis methods to conduct independent research and development and Innovation, and began to manufacture products suitable for the needs of different market operating environments. At this stage, customers have higher and higher requirements for product quality and service, the industry has entered a period of accelerated integration of the survival of the fittest, and the degree of concentration tends to increase. big room for development.

(2) The high-end market of lifting equipment is mainly occupied by multinational companies

At present, there are many brands of lifting equipment sold in the domestic market, many internationally renowned brands such as Liebherr, Manitowoc, Terex, Konecranes, etc. have landed in China. Because multinational companies have certain advantages in technology, capital and product quality, the high-end market of the lifting and transportation equipment manufacturing industry is mainly occupied by them.

(3) The competition in the low-end market of lifting equipment is fierce, and price competition has become the main way of market competition

Over the past 20 years, China's economy has developed rapidly, and investment in fixed assets has continued to increase, making the lifting equipment market in a state of prosperous supply and sales for a long time. Generally speaking, in the past 20 years, China's lifting equipment market has been in the initial stage of development. Users have high requirements for the operation performance of lifting equipment, but lower requirements for technical level. Product price has become the most important factor for users to choose lifting equipment. Primary consideration. At the same time, the low-end market of hoisting equipment has low entry barriers, too many market participants, poor product quality, relatively weak after-sales service, price competition has become the main way of market competition, and the low-end market is generally in a state of disorderly competition.

(4) The rapid rise of the mid-end market for lifting equipment

Lifting equipment is a product that improves loading and unloading efficiency and reduces labor intensity. With the development of China's economy for many years, domestic enterprises have accumulated a certain amount of funds. With the rise of labor costs, the demand for lifting equipment continues to increase . At the same time, with the further deepening of the industrialization process and the acceleration of industrial upgrading, the demand for lifting equipment has shifted to products with high quality, high stability and perfect service. Price is no longer a decisive factor, and the mid-end market is rapidly rising.

Although the development space is broad, the domestic mid-end market for lifting equipment still lacks leading brands. Some enterprises have large sales volume and low price, and their product quality, R&D capabilities and after-sales service capabilities need to be improved; Product cost is high. It will take a long time for multinational companies to lower their strategies and improve the positioning of some Chinese companies to better meet the needs of customers in the mid-end market, and it will take time to cultivate leading brands in the mid-end market.

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