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HD type electric single beam crane
Second, HD type electric single beam crane
1. Product overview
(1), HD electric single-girder bridge crane is a single-girder bridge crane product with the current world advanced level developed by Huarui Company and Singapore Yitong Crane Design Company.
(2) The product has advanced technology and is designed in accordance with international standards: DIN (Germany), FEM (Europe), ISO (International). It has the advantages of strong rigidity, light weight and outstanding structural design, which can effectively save plant space and investment. Cost, walking structure features unique, is your best choice.
(3) This product is widely used in workshops, warehouses and other material handling occasions in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, ports, railways, civil aviation, electric power, food, papermaking, building materials, electronics and other industries. It is especially suitable for material handling, precision assembly of large parts and other occasions that require precise positioning, and the working environment temperature is -25-40 ℃.
2. Product sketch

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