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Causes of falling objects from lifting hooks

1. The unsafe state of the crane is firstly the risk brought by the non-standard design, such as overload protection failure, insufficient strength of the balance wheel and axle, no decoupling prevention device, unreasonable selection of slings, etc.; followed by manufacturing defects and installation defects, such as material selection Improper processing and poor processing quality make equipment with hidden dangers put into use. A large number of problems exist in the use process, such as failure to replace scrapped parts in time, lack of necessary safety protection, poor maintenance and diseased operation, resulting in loss of motion control, damage to parts or structures, and irregular safety performance inspections. In short, defects in any link of design, manufacture, installation, use and inspection may bring serious consequences of the hook hanging object falling. The safety of the nature of the crane (design, manufacture, installation) is the basic condition to ensure the safety of lifting operations.

2. People's unsafe behavior The behavior of people is affected by various factors such as physical, psychological and comprehensive quality. It is manifested as unskilled operation skills, lack of necessary safety education and training; non-driver operation, without a license; Bad operating habits; misjudgment of operation, unclear command signals, uncoordinated cooperation between crane drivers and crane workers, and human biological rhythms in the "three high zones", etc. In short, poor safety awareness and low operating skills are the main human causes of accidents.

3. Bad environments where environmental factors exceed safety limits or hygienic standards, such as lifting operations in environments with high dust, high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, high noise, strong wind, poor lighting, etc., will distract attention and directly affect the safety of operators. The stability of the reaction ability and technical performance increases the chances of misoperation and illegal operations, which leads to the occurrence of accidents. In addition, the poor working environment will also reduce the function of the crane system itself or even accelerate the failure of the parts (components), which becomes one of the unsafe factors.

4. Safety management Defect management includes the level of safety awareness of leaders; the management, inspection and implementation of regular safety performance inspections of cranes; safety education and training for relevant personnel; special training for hoisting operators, formulation of crane safety operation regulations, and reward and punishment for violations of regulations The establishment of the system and the accident emergency plan, the lack of effective monitoring and management of the regular inspection of lifting equipment and lifting aids, etc. Any negligence or inadequacy in safety management is one of the important causes of heavy casualty accidents.

There are both human and material factors that cause the hanging object to fall off the hook. Therefore, we must strive to design, purchase, install and construct equipment in accordance with the relevant national safety regulations and standards for lifting machinery in terms of equipment selection, safety protection measures, plant construction, hoisting process, operating environment, and regular inspection. Starting from two aspects, the user unit should formulate safety rules and regulations and operating procedures for crane operation, maintenance and management. At the same time, it should be clearly understood that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state on the safety management of special equipment, regular testing and inspection of the safety performance of the cranes in use (including lifting aids) is to ensure the safe operation of the cranes in use and reduce the risk of It is one of the necessary guarantee conditions for eliminating the occurrence of accidents caused by metallurgical crane hooks and hanging objects.

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