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CraneThe reason why the electric hoist cannot run

1. You can first check whether the power fuse of the equipment is blown. If one phase is broken, it is impossible for the electric hoist to rotate. The starting torque of the electric hoist of the crane is zero, so that the The motor won't run and enough fuses need to be replaced.

2. Also, the voltage of the power grid is too low, so that the dynamic torque of the equipment is proportional to the square of the voltage. The acceleration torque cannot overcome the load torque and cannot reach the running speed. All he needs to do is to Raise the grid voltage of the device.

3. The stator winding is short-circuited, grounded or open-circuited between phases, which means that the grounding wire of the winding of the electric hoist appears at the grounding plate of the lead. What needs to be done is to open the junction box to check. It should be noted that the motor cannot be checked during a short circuit. It should be noted that check whether the wiring of the control equipment is correct. If the contact of the AC contactor is not in good contact and the line cannot be connected, then sandpaper should be placed on the contactor. The scars are polished, and at the same time, it is necessary to check the suction and disconnection of the iron core, whether there is any jamming phenomenon, and if there is any, it needs to be replaced.

4. It should also be noted that if the load of the electric hoist of the crane accessories is too large, it will happen that the heavy objects cannot be lifted and cannot be overloaded, that is, the electric hoist cannot be rotated. The solution is to unload the load first. The checked motor can start normally, indicating that the transmission mechanism such as the gearbox is faulty, check the driven mechanism, and clear the fault. When running again, the whole crane needs to be tested, and it will be put into use after the running test is good.

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