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Dongguan Crane explosion-proof hoist crane application operation

What is a special hoist crane? Some hoist cranes suitable for use in special fields, special occasions and special environments are called special hulu cranes. For example, it is suitable for explosion-proof hoist cranes that can operate safely and reliably in flammable and explosive environments, and anti-corrosion hoist cranes suitable for operating in highly corrosive occasions. Insulation hoist cranes that can reliably operate in places requiring insulation and special hoist hoist cranes suitable for aerated coagulation production lines, nuclear power plants and aviation fields.

Among them, explosion-proof hoist crane is the most important part of special hoist crane. Dongguan Crane explosion-proof electric chain hoist, explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist, explosion-proof jib crane, explosion-proof electric suspension crane, explosion-proof electric single-girder crane and explosion-proof electric hoist bridge crane are collectively referred to as explosion-proof lifting equipment or explosion-proof hoist crane.

Dongguan Crane Explosion Hoist Crane is based on ordinary hoist cranes. It mainly designs and manufactures explosion-proof motors and explosion-proof electrical appliances with explosion-proof performance from the motor and electrical appliances, and then supplements the corresponding mechanical explosion-proof measures to ensure the crane. The electrical sparks or heat or combustible dust generated by itself and the working environment will not cause fire, explosion hazards and hazards. There are two categories of explosion-proof hoist cranes, one is explosion-proof hoist cranes suitable for explosive gas environments, mainly using explosion-proof technology, and the other is explosion-proof hoist cranes suitable for soft dust environments. The explosion-proof principle of the two types of explosion-proof hoist cranes is basically the same, but the applicable environment is different, and the explosion-proof technology is also different.

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