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How to prevent rusting crane parts?

 Crane parts due to frequent use, plus the environment may be more humid, this will cause rust phenomenon occurs, in which case it affects not only beautiful, but also affect performance, you want to avoid this occurred case, you can do the paint job, here to simply talk about the next steps lifting accessories antirust paint.
Paint crane parts and paint methods employed, should apply the use of regional climate conditions, the paint and coating process should be consistent with recognized standards and norms. Lifting accessories before the paint painted parts of the surface to deal with the need for cleaning, rust treatment. Paint coating should be carried out within a temperature range of 10-32 ℃, but also consider the use of the paint manufacturer's paint specification. Painting site should be well ventilated, encountered wet, dusty or hot sun, etc. should take measures, or should stop painting work.
Crane parts used in all airless paint spray equipment pressure, the oil film thickness using the metric system dry film thickness meter to measure. Before painting using stirring until all ingredients thoroughly mixed paint. Such as paint ingredients are fast precipitation tendency, stirring constantly. When the same color in a row painting, stratified, each layer has enough contrast to identify whether all covered.
Lifting accessories friction type coupling surface sandblasted to ensure adequate bonding surface friction coefficient. Coupling surface bearing type coupling surface or an ordinary bolt allow paint, other connection of joints do not paint, but there should be rust.
Crane parts by the coupling, shaft, cable reels, trolley line, the guide rope, electrical products, brake, bumper, rail clamp, overload limiter, grab, crane wheels, hoist drum, pulley block, hook block, gear, lifting electrical components!

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